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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner

You no longer have to be worried about slow pace of modernization and digital transformation due to existing mainframe codes. We can help you navigate the challenges arising from codes written in older languages like COBOL which do not support modern front-end or enable new API-driven integrations with cloud services. Our AWS experts can help you choose the best possible route to overcome such dependencies on older technologies, systems, and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Our approach

Get the most optimal migration strategy based on your read-intensive workloads and caching mechanisms to significantly reduce load and costs on primary databases. For instance, by using Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service), our Data Engineers can create read replicas to offload read traffic from your primary databases. Instead of rip-and-replace, we can use our refactoring experience to write new RESTful services in Java alongside the existing COBOL mainframes. As a result, you can bank on our team’s proven competence in reducing costs by close to 70%. Our experts possess extensive, hands-on experience in delivering innovative applications and services by either refactoring, re-architecting, or even rewriting existing applications in your mainframe environment. Some of the largest Banks and Credit Unions are powered by our framework libraries and APIs to deliver new digital experiences with solid, secure, and stable performance. By leveraging expertise in Mainframe integration with APIs, CTOs are further speeding up their time-to-market while downsizing unnecessary vendor-lock-ins and licensing costs associated with expensive middleware.

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Mainframe Modernization Services

You do not want to disrupt business operations by migrating your entire mainframe application directly. Instead, let our experts suggest adjustments such as refactoring, re-architecting, or even rewriting your applications that are running on legacy mainframes. We can show you how our code refactoring expertise is driving some of world’s biggest mainframe migration projects with solid and stable performance on existing servers. With our refactoring and re-architecting approach, you will only change what needs an upgrade, while leaving the application core alone. You can also bank on us to create modern replicas of your applications from scratch and launch it on your new cloud server(s). This way, we can help remove all dependencies on old technologies and replace them with equivalent libraries and APIs that work better and perform faster.

Data Security

Secure large data loads—up to 500,000 records per second with a sophisticated agent technology to interoperate reliably and scalably with business systems behind the firewall (without having to open any firewall ports). Using our expertise, your Dev/Test/Production lifecycle mechanism can be easily federated across multiple decentralized teams while you maintain central supervision. Also, by running specialized protocols as mandated by industries such as BFSI, we are meeting regional data privacy regulations while running double encryptions for our clients. This includes a Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption mechanism that can be kept locally via an HSM (hardware security module) while second encryption key gets rotated every hour.

CI/CD DevOps

Our CI/CD practices are optimizing read-intensive workloads on AWS for large Credit Unions and Federal Companies. Bank on our expertise to ensure that your applications remain highly available, cost-effective, and capable of handling significant read traffic efficiently. Our clients are saving 80% of database read costs using CI/CD by with our software development and database access optimization. By deploying a secure and automated CI/CD pipeline, our DevOps teams ensure that only well-tested and optimized codes are deployed to production. This way, we are saving developer teams and project leads from code-related issues that often lead to excessive database reads. Know more about how our experts are recommending the right DevOps approach to adapt to changing workloads and database requirements.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Leverage our Machine Learning (ML) approach that does not follow a one-size fits all canned models. Because every business is unique, forecasting requires models that are the best-fit for your data sources. Based on the unique attributes of your business, our experts can incorporate user inputs and manual forecasts. This will allow the key stakeholders to make manual adjustments or changing key attributes. Our approach allows you to automate model selection base on the criteria identified through our ML Modelling discovery workshops. Forecasting processes are often complex with multiple channels and require upstream forecasts or multiple dependant analytical data. Our experts have over the years helped industry leaders to create appropriate algorithms based on the upstream and downstream data requirements.

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