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An overview of Next-gen hybrid test automation Framework


In this age of digital transformation, businesses are looking for a rapid change to their applications and IT ecosystem to meet the rising demands of their customers. Hence, digital quality assurance becomes an essential aspect to the SDLC to accelerate the application delivery. Although manual testing is vital in the testing process, companies do not rely only on manual testing because of its time-consuming nature and considerable human resource investments. To make progress toward enabling continuous quality, IT leaders should look for innovative automation frameworks that can bridge the gap between Developers, Testers, and Business users. For example, the Hybrid framework in selenium merges the benefits of Data-driven and Keyword-driven frameworks. It is a simple and practical framework that enables manual testers to develop test cases just with the keywords, test data, and object repository without any coding.

Enterprises follow Agile and DevOps practices for faster releases and high-quality products. Software Test Managers embrace an open-source strategy by familiarizing their team with the required skills and available test automation tools for functional testing of user interfaces (UIs) and application programming interfaces (APIs). Test automation solution with hybrid test automation frameworks accelerates the creation and maintenance of your automation. Obviously, it requires investing in people as well as tester-augmented solutions. Some more benefits include rapid bug detection, reusable test scripts, and reduced human intervention while running the test scripts. However, for brands to possess the end-to-end benefits of the hybrid test automation frameworks, they should consider independent next-gen Quality Assurance solutions through established service providers. The trustable provider should have already developed fully functional test automation frameworks (with a decent install base across various customers) that need simple customization to ensure faster and continuous releases.

Sun Technologies’ SWAUT, the hybrid test automation framework, delivers exceptional value for staging and post-production environments. Our hybrid framework seamlessly connects the complete life cycle of a business process, from “process intelligence” to “quality assurance.” It helps enhance efficiency and reduces overall project costs by eliminating redundancy of multiple test cases (Grouping Tests based on Suites definition) and streamline testing projects.

Test Automation in Digital Quality Engineering

Modern digital technologies allow organizations to re-think business workflows, strategize the tone they engage with customers, improve operational efficiency and build new products and digital services. The direct translation being, design thinking (UI/UX), hybrid integration platforms, cloud transformation, DevOps pipeline, and security, collectively working together to improve customer experience.

Teams can achieve this Digital Process Transformation goal by combining QA and development teams’ contributions, automating manual processes wherever essential, and embracing the upcoming testing and QA requirements of modern digital technologies such as IoT and AI/ML. Digital quality engineering brings fresh air to the Test/QA teams to adapt to new technologies and use cases and ensures top-notch software quality and customer satisfaction.

SWAUT- Sun Technologies’ Hybrid test Automation Framework

SWAUT is a hybrid framework based on a variety of end-to-end testing approaches. It includes the best features of every approach reducing the imperfections of various frameworks and achieving automation for any application Thereby reducing the human efforts drastically. A snapshot of the features of the framework is shown below.

How is Sun Technologies driving test automation with SWAUT to support clients?

Sun Technologies’ low code hybrid test automation framework (SWAUT) provides an enterprise solution towards test automation for application testing of web and mobile platforms. SWAUT helps enterprises solve end-to-end testing of various product features and functionalities across the web and mobile platforms. The cross-platform framework utilizes both keyword and data-driven approaches where testers can determine the test cases and test scripts through an excel document or read directly from the database. SWAUT framework uses Java or .NET as a programming language and interacts with web applications using Selenium WebDriver and Appium for Mobile applications. It helps improve the reliability and robustness of the test scripts and ensures 100% tracking of the daily progress, and delivers the following key benefits to the customers:

  • 80% reduction in test execution efforts
  • 40% improvement in automation coverage
  • 42% reduction in the automation script development effort
  • 18% reduction in rework through improved process standardization
  • 15% improvement in application quality
  • 22% reduction in the overall testing effort
  • 35% improvement in test design productivity
  • 100% accuracy in test documentation
  • 90% savings in maintenance cost
  • Reduces manual regression efforts
  • Reduces test design time
  • Code re-usability between Developers and Test automation engineers
  • Numerous test scenarios can be executed by simply varying the test data through external data files


While traditional test automation tools help with some of those everyday and repetitive tasks in development and testing, there are still many limitations. Enterprises keep searching to find a way to increase efficiency and accelerate the velocity of testing teams. Since QA is one of the essential phases within the software development process, robust hybrid automation test frameworks are the best way to increase test accuracy, coverage, agility, and overall product quality. This reduces the time to market and helps IT Leaders in reaching their corporate goal of customer delight.

 SWAUT can also support a wide range of diversified applications on Web technologies, client-server, API/Web services, mobile applications and CRM, ERP. Irrespective of the background and skillset, our hybrid framework allows your team to boost their testing abilities within a short period. It also enables QA teams to create and run UI and functional tests across mobile, desktop, and web applications. It gives a broad and versatile environment for developing and maintaining automated testing projects. In the coming years, various automation testing framework innovations will emerge across the entire software development life cycle, but in some areas, this will happen faster and with more impact than in others. Currently, our team is working on the expansion of SWAUT towards NLP-driven testing, and integrating AI/ML to build more autonomous testing that shows strong potential to disrupt modern application development practices.  Lastly, SWAUT’s open API architecture allows seamless integration within any client environment and culture; hence, sky is the limit for its adoption. Based on our experience, we expect the current adoption rate of SWAUT to increase at the rate of more than 25%.

Contact us today to accelerate your test automation journey!

Vaidyanathan Ganesa Sankaran

Vaidyanathan Ganesa Sankaran

Vaidy is an experienced lead Solutions Architect heading sales and project delivery for Cloud (AWS, Azure), DevOps and legacy Modernization projects with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is a strong engineering professional with a Master of Science (MS) focused in Computer Software Engineering from BITS Pilani. He has the capability to manage bigger teams and generate revenue through new Sales and Account Mining.

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