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Case Study

Accessibility testing solution for one of the leading insurance company in USA

Whom we worked with

Our client is a large, fortune 500 insurance company. 

Our Solution

  • Performed testing according to the WCAG 1.0, 2.0. 2.1 guidelines that include accessibility parameters in the application development life cycle
  • Our experts used the right processes and tools to deliver the best quality of service for the target audience
  • Cost-effective with a leveraged offshore model and Open Source tools. For example, WAVE from WebAIM
  • Certification of releases vis-à-vis A, AA, AAA criteria as published by WCAG 1.0,2.0 and 2.1.
  • Trained the business analysts and other stakeholders in accessibility guidelines


  • To automate the testing of the applications with new features 
  • To deploy a safe, efficient, economical, and simple accessibility solution that removes the possibility of lawsuits and penalties while parallelly creating the final user experience for any end-user, including those with disabilities


  • Developers and Testers were well aware of the process, technology, and culture during the testing of the applications
  • Suggested some initial program conversion be tested and moved into production
  • Built a flexible and high performing environment between different architectures and platforms for a more manageable process

How we helped

  • Understand the applications and timelines for accessibility testing 
  • Created a unified automated application process without affecting everyday business operations
  • Dedicated offshore team to support the testing of mobile and web applications
  • Our team evaluated the existing accessibility practices and analyzed the data produced by the automated accessibility tool currently in use by cross-comparing its results with other tools
  • Performed an in-depth analysis of the results
  • Our web accessibility testing helped the client to achieve benefits such as increased website traffic, enhanced search engine ranking, reduced maintenance cost, and faster ROI
  • Our experts performed the testing by following the guidelines WCAG 2.0 AA to ensure content is accessible to everyone, with no regard to their disability (visual, hearing, physical, etc.)
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