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Case Study

Automation testing for a Leading Finance/Insurance company operating across USA

Whom we worked with

A top-tier insurance company that offers financial products and services including life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, disability income insurance, credit union products, retirement planning, and more.

Our Solution

  • Developed a framework to integrate with Test Management tool ALM
  • Created a completely new documented business process
  • Designed test plan and roadmap with milestones and estimates


  • Lack of dedicated QA team with the client to support the automation script development
  • Integration of Selenium Framework with ALM/QC
  • Automating mainframe applications


  • Replaced 90% of manual validation with Test Automation
  • With one button click, they are able to validate applications after monthly patches deployed
  • After Test execution test results were reported in HTML files and these reports are emailed to all asset owners automatically
  • Reduced 70% of maintenance effort for Test automation scripts and provided 100% customizable test report
  • Saved Millions of Dollars in Testing costs by eliminating all manual effort

How we helped

  • Sun Technologies designed a high-level test plan which provided visibility on effort estimation, deliverables, and test approach
  • We developed a Robust Automation framework using Selenium which would allow triggering test execution from ALM which reduced 80% of manual effort
  • Automated the complex scenarios of 20 Mainframe applications
  • Accomplished an optimal level of automation for their 300+ applications in Production and Test environments
  • Test Automation replaced 90% of manual validation during monthly patch releases this helped the client in saving millions of dollars of testing costs by eliminating manual efforts.
  • Test automation scripts are used in daily batch executions to ensure all the 300+ applications are up and running
  • We have taken additional responsibilities with Release Management to assist the process to become more robust

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