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Case Study

Development and maintenance of Cloudnative application for Mortgage Asset Management

Whom we worked with

It is part of the congressionally chartered, nationwide banking system that provides credit liquidity sources for its customers engaged in mortgages.

Our Solution

  • We developed a customized mortgage application which supports 3rd party SaaS integrations, collect data, parses, and translates them to the downstream applications
  • We enabled digital accessibility that allows the bank’s customers to check their eligibility and start funding mortgages without any manual paper work
  • With our solution the customers can see real-time data without difficulty
  • We reduced the application errors significantly
  • We automated the entire validation and eliminated the paper-based work
  • We developed the application with improved transparency and scalability


  • Automated report generation in scheduled time intervals
  • Fetching information from the company’s core team to integrate the third-party tools for real-time data analytics 
  • Lack of information availability
  • Build a scalable and secure platform that could cater to massive volumes of data and offer maximum performance to handle 100+ applications per day
  • Manage and maintain the integrity and security of the bank’s economic data without compromising the scalability and flexibility of the portal
  • Build a platform that caters to an ever-increasing base of market data analyzers from across the country and automate the complete loan approval processes


  • Time saved up to 4-5 hours per day by automating data collection, translating, real-time analytics, and report generation
  • 90% reduced manual work
  • 80% improved customer experience
  • Customized dashboards to monitor data in real-time by the partnered banks

How we helped

  • We started with the design phase, in which we divided the project into three modules and performed workshops for each of them
  • Our objective was to build a roadmap for the modernization process and create the mortgage portfolio to automate every tedious and manual process
  • We developed accelerators, a value-driven architecture, and an integration platform to accelerate the process
  • We built a mortgage platform that is highly scalable and secured. Users could now see the market data analytics under a single dashboard and get the application processed with necessary approvals instantly
  • We eliminated all the paper-based works and components. The data was captured from their legacy models and loaded to the built cloud platform without any data loss
  • Our solution enabled the customer to decommission the legacy functions in the mortgage process and terminated the third-party license fees for overseeing the data analytics and maintaining the applications. This produced considerable cost savings for the bank

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