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Case Study

Ordering system for Custom Breakfast meal mix - high precision nutrition table and pricing

Whom we worked with

A growing business focused on custom breakfast products

The business was handling all order placement offline

Needed a strong online portal to attract investors

Our Solution

  • Custom breakfast blender
  • Nutrition tracker to comply with FDA guidelines
  • Subscription orders


  • Custom product builder is not available as a third party extension
  • Fixing the weight of the overall blend even with changes in the composition


  • Moved an existing offline operation to completely online
  • Increased the number of orders five folds
  • Client was able to add in new product lines for pet custom food using the same application

How we helped

  • Intuitive UI for building the product and realtime nutrition label
  • Implemented Magento to ecommerce
  • Built the custom product builder using an existing product builder
  • Online payment with payment processing for subscription
  • Separate subscription management

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