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Case Study

EDI Solution for one of the Leading Manufacturing Company in USA

Whom we worked with

Our client has a family-owned business that traces its roots back to 1901. Headquartered in Wisconsin, U.S.A., they have quietly grown to become an innovative international manufacturer serving markets worldwide.

Our Solution

  • Due to lack of internal resources to eliminate the manual entry of invoices, suggested EDI as a best alternative solution to avoid duplication and human errors
  • Client was provided with overview of the solution to understand the technology and process
  • Improved internal procedures by integrating invoices automatically with accurate customer records
  • Improved the flow and management of records by eliminating the manual entry with that of automation using EDI


  • Needed a streamlined account receivable process to eliminate manual entry of invoices
  •  Overcome internal technological capability
  • Providing necessary resources to implement new system
  • To reduce cost spent on manual entry of invoices from trading partners


  • Understand the challenges involved in automating the process for invoices entry into the system
  • A process was set up to define how the automation of the invoices will take place
  • Dedicated offshore team to support the issues involved post deployment of the solution

How we helped

  • Suggested Agile-Sprint model to develop the application
  • Proof of Concept was carried out for Springboot to show the initial phase of the developed application
  • Periodic interactions with the client reduced the re-work
  • Used best practices for the development codes which can be reused


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