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Case Study

Performance Testing & Analysis for a Leading Financial Institution in US

Whom we worked with

A Leading Financial Institution in New York State. It is a Federally-chartered wholesale bank providing a reliable source of liquidity to financial institutions.

Our Solution

  • We went through end to end business transactions to understand different scenarios of the Application and segregated those scenarios
  • We prepared performance test script using an open-source cloud-based tool
  • We executed benchmark values and then proceeded with the load test of 1000 users
  • Our performance engineers analyzed the bottlenecks and performed root cause analysis and suggested solutions
  • A consolidated report on server, DB, and Page-Level testing was provided to the client for different performed test cases


  • The client lacks expertise in Performance Testing and Analysis
  • They wanted an on-demand, low-cost performance test tool that can test these web applications from a Cloud
  • They wanted to be ensured that the application meets the desired load of 1000 concurrent users and performance benchmark
  • They wanted to check for the scalability and reliability of the application along with finding out any bottlenecks


  • Our cloud-based open-source platform helped the client saving in millions from licensing costs
  • The application performance got improved after our test, analysis, and recommendation
  • We also made sure that the application was scalable and reliable in extreme conditions

How we helped

  • We incorporated a cloud-based open-source framework to check the load time and to improve the performance of the application
  • Our on-demand performance testing solution helped the client to easily test the application under stress conditions and different user loads identifying the bottlenecks
  • Many application & DB layer bottlenecks were identified & root cause analysis was done resulting in better performance of these applications
  • Achieved 100% success in testing the applications with the new framework on all web application load tests
  • The client saved millions in licensing fees, improved their SLAs, and transformed their architecture into a scalable model
  • We provided round the clock support to the client in meeting their requirement
  • We are engaged with the customer for ongoing maintenance and load test on a regular basis

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