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Case Study

Sun Technologies' Test Automation Framework Improved a US Furniture Retailer's App Performance by 42%

Whom we worked with

The Client is an Omni-channel retailer of furniture products headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has over 100 brick and mortar stores across 16 states in the USA.

Our Solution

  • Evaluated various open source and licensed tools and picked the right tools for the test solutions
  • Identified a minimal number of end to end scenario with maximum test coverage
  • Designed and Developed a Hybrid Selenium framework to tailor it to the client’s e-commerce and sales applications
  • Accelerated knowledge transition
  • Quick ramp up and ramp down of resources
  • Perfectly synchronized on-site/offshore set up
  • High Test Coverage
  • Continuous Process improvements
  • Comprehensive reusable test cases


  • Insufficient regression testing coverage using a manual approach
  • No Dedicated QA automation team and hence no QA process followed by client
  • The client was using an eCommerce platform built on legacy technology and had several internal functionality gaps due to which it failed to complete the online orders successfully


  • Reduced testing life cycle time
  • Increased test coverage to 100%.
  • Record time product releases.
  • Test automation resulted in regression run test reduction from 20 hours to 4 hours
  • Ensured that quality is engineered into the application right from the beginning of the development cycle. This strategic shift resulted in early detection of up to 70% of the defects in the SDLC, leading to a 35% improvement in the application’s quality. We enabled 100% traceability to facilitate both backward and forward tracing of requirements through defects and vice versa

How we helped

  • Assessed the requirements, tools, and processes involving automated testing for their applications and presented a high-level test plan
  • Our test automation framework countered the lack of automation in the sprint cycles
  • Over 282 test automation scripts developed so far for component-level testing, we implemented the shift-left approach for performance testing the web application
  • Implemented Test automation for regression run tests.
  • Ability to run test automation scripts with just one click (using a batch file)
  • The performance engineering approach of our testers made sure that quality is engineered into the application right from the beginning of the development cycle.
  • Provided a Dashboard/Web UI to control all the aspects of test automation like selecting environment, application, test cases, test data set, and so on

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