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Case Study

Custom Time Bank system including safe social networking and setting up and executing time banking tasks

Whom we worked with

The client serves about 2 Million beneficiaries in the Bay area region

Client was in need of processing their community program applications and engage the users online using Time Bank transaction

Our Solution

  • Built an online registration system which has a combined online and offline process
  • Handling external applications/agencies systems for the registration process
  • Built a Social networking platform and listing platform to work as the Time Banking ecosystem


  • Custom UI/UX to be user friendly for people from different age groups
  • Non availability of registration platform that can handle online and offline process
  • A platform that does not have integration between the Social networking and listing applications


  • Client was able to onboard up to 80 users to their platform each week after thorough vetting online/offline process
  • Time bank transactions were all moved online
  • Increase in community engagement

How we helped

  • Using a robust CMS platform to build this complex platform
  • Built a custom application to handle registration with a clean front end UI
  • Built an intuitive back-end interface to manage and run reports for the registration process
  • Integrated an existing Social media and listing extension to build a Time Bank system

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