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Job Details

Job Title
: Data Analyst
Required Skills
: Advanced Excel, Snowflake, SQL
: Expected 12 months contract to hire

Job Description

Pay Rate: $28/hr.

Featured Benefits:

  • Medical Insurance in compliance with the ACA
  • 401(k)
  • Sick leave in compliance with applicable state, federal, and local laws


  • Ability to apply data quality assurance and troubleshooting to data profiling, analysis, and reporting
  • Ability to apply appropriate data cleansing and transformation techniques to prepare data for reporting and analysis
  • Demonstrate strong analytical ability to identify appropriate analysis, data anomalies, trends, etc.
  • Advanced presentation skills leveraging appropriate software, adapting to audience, and excellent written and grammatical skills
  • Work with minimal supervision; self-directed; seeks assistance when needed
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Use advanced Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, etc.) and standard office equipment (telephone, computer, copier, etc.)
  • Make arithmetic computations using whole numbers, fractions and decimals, rates, ratios, and percentages
  • MS Access – advanced skills including relational table joins, data transformation through joins, filtering, updates, and summarization, reporting (preferred)
  • Reporting (Cognos, OBIEE, Crystal) – advanced skills in standard columnar reporting, requirements gathering, data preparation requirements, report creation, testing, scheduling, and deployment. (preferred)

Technical Requirements:

  • Processes for leveraging data from data warehousing / data mart / data lake environments
  • Visualization Development – Generate analysis through data visualizations from multiple data sets using standard best-in-class analytics software
  • Query complex data structures and derive information for reporting, visualizations, and statistical analysis
  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Basic Analytics – Perform basic data analysis to include data profiling, data quality, joining of data tables, graphing, basic trend analysis, data segmentation;
  • Ad Hoc Query Development – Quickly develop, test, and provide ad hoc (one-time) information based on a business request leveraging internal or external data and using standard querying toolsets;
  • Report Development – Create reports from multiple data sets using standard best-in-class reporting software;
  • SQL – basic query and data manipulation skills including selects, inserts, updates, table joins, and grouping;
  • Visualization (Qlik, PowerBI, Cognos, Tableau) – advanced skills in a best-in-class data visualization tool to include data preparation, rationalization of visualization type, standard charting (time series, Pareto, bar, area, multi-axis, geospatial, scatter plots, etc.), filtering, drill-downs, drill-throughs, navigation, dashboard creation, deep understanding of user interface and effective presentation;
  • Excel – advanced skills including graphing, Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, and multisheet references;
  • Experience working with a best-in-class DBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) to extract and transform data for reporting, analysis, or data science;

Familiarity with all, but not limited to, the following:

  • Familiar with a data warehouse / data mart OLAP environment leveraging data in star schemas, snowflake schemas, and similar data structures;
  • Familiar with data modelling in the context of transforming data from an OLTP system to an OLAP or other data warehouse related structure.  Familiar with the importance of how data is modelled to support the needs of a data reporting and analysis environment;
  • Familiarity with generally accepted data and information privacy standards (GDPR, PCI, PII, HIPAA, etc.);
  • Familiarity with leveraging large data sets for data science, machine learning and related analysis;
  • Dashboard Development – Gather requirements, identify metrics and goals, leverage data sources, select appropriate dashboard objects, and implement a dashboard using a best-in-class tool;
  • Project Management – Facilitate, create, implement, and manage a project or projects using MS Project or a similar project tracking tool; ability to define, document, and communicate a project charter, resource assignments, risks, issues, and status over the course of a project;
  • Query Optimization – ability create / modify SQL or other query code to ensure request has minimal impact on the target database and executes in the most efficient manner possible;
  • Knowledge / application of related industry, organizational, and departmental policies, practices and procedures, legal guidelines, ordinances and laws;
  • Predictive Model Development – Leverage historic internal and external data to generate predictive business models forecasting trends and providing insights with relevant statistical confidence measures and using appropriate statistical methods
  • Related industry, organizational and departmental policies, practices and procedures; legal guidelines, ordinances and laws.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Statistics, Applied Math, Computer Science, Business, or related field of study from an accredited college or university AND
  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience in data analytics, or working in a data analyst environment.

Required Details

: 5-8 Years
Travel Required
: No
Clearance Required
: No

Contact Details

Contact person
: Uday Bhandary
: 678-675-1014

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