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Providing 24X7X365 Support & Maintenance from State-of-the-art facilities in US and India

Our Expertise in CMS Development

With expertise in all the major CMS/eCommerce platforms, we can quickly transform your vision in to a reality. Here is a short list of CMS and eCommerce platforms that we can help you with:

CMS Maintenance and Support Services

Sun Technologies keeps your site/business up and running around the clock with our dedicated staff available 24X7X365 for all of your support and maintenance needs.   

From short deadlines to emergency support, we are here to help you.

Sun Technologies delivers exclusive CMS maintenance services at a competitive price. Our experts help site owners to know about the broken links in their website. You can add more elements, update content systematically, change the website’s look and feel based on requirements, and update with a new version of CMS. Our experienced testers take care of any spelling or grammatical mistakes within your CMS website’s content, quality of the images, and other functionalities.

We follow a structured discovery and implementation process

Sun Technologies’ CMS Support and Maintenance Services


Your platform needs periodic upgrades to stay secure. Our routine monitoring and upgrade services ensure secure business continuity at all times.


CMS /eCommerce packages need constant enhancements to tackle changing requirements and new functionalities being added to the existing product, etc.


We ensure that your website is Up and Running 24X7X365 without any hacking or intrusions. Our team of CMS administrators help you to keep up with your website content refreshing and SEO optimization 24x7X365.

Hosting support

Whether you’re looking for in-house or cloud-based hosting, our dedicated IT team can take up any of your hosting needs.

SEO Support

SEO is equal parts art and science. Our SEO experts can help you with your SEO strategy and help keep it running with periodic activities and reports.

Marketing Support

Sun Technologies’ internal marketing team can help you run marketing campaigns and also provide you outcome- based models for business success.

eCommerce Platform Expertise

CMS Platform Expertise

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Case studies

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