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Ensuring that your CMS and eCommerce applications are robust and seamlessly functioning

Our Expertise in CMS Development

With expertise in all the major CMS/eCommerce platforms, we can quickly transform your vision in to a reality. Here is a short list of CMS and eCommerce platforms that we can help you with:

CMS Quality Assurance Services

 We have mature processes and quality standards that have been used successfully with several of our partners. We maintain a complete testing suite to handle any application testing process.

Quality is in our DNA.

Sun Technologies also has an in-house scriptless test automation tool, IntelliSWAUT that eases the testing process and improves the overall quality of any application development process.

We offer QA Testing Services that guarantee the verification and validations of CMS and ecommerce applications for independent software vendors and enterprises.

Our experts execute a broad analysis of the requirements to develop a Software Testing Strategy that helps spot complex errors at the initial stages. Our QA team test web applications with deep expertise, accuracy, and speed.

When it comes to quality,
we take a
holistic approach
in focusing on

  • Flexibility
  • Sociability
  • SEO Enablement
  • High Performance
  • Cross-Platform
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Compatibility

We follow a structured discovery and implementation process

What can we do?

Application Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Testing Automation

Performance Testing

Regression Testing

Integration Testing

CMS eCommerce Platform Expertise

CMS Platform Expertise

Case studies

Case studies

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