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Enjoy Sun Technologies Seamless DevOps Transformation


Our DevOps approach, helps our customers to automate all stages of SDLC and delivery, resulting in increased business agility, IT responsiveness and software quality.

We provide experienced engineering teams with dedicated DevOps and Ops engineers who build, operate, secure and automate infrastructure.

Sun Technologies can Help you be DevOps Ready

  •  Assessment
  •  Integration and Test
  •  Release and Deployment
  •  Delivery 
  •  Operations

How Sun Technologies can Help our Customers DevOps Ready?

  • Evaluate/Assess current environment using maturity model
  • Create value cases for DevOps journey
  • Develop DevOps roadmap and framework
  • Outline client specific blueprint for devops tools
  • Establish DevOps tooling in the cloud
  • Implement DevOps practice
  • RoI analysis

      DevOps Service Offerings

  • DevOps Consulting
  • Cloud Native and Cloud Agnostic CI/CD
  • DevOps End to End Test Cases
  • Automated Infrastructure through IaaC
  • Staging, Monitoring & Logging Services
DevOps approach - Sun Technologies

DevOps Tool Chain


Code development and continuous integration tools



Version controls, build status and code merging



Continuous testing phases which determine performance



Artifact repository and application pre-deployment staging



Change management, release approvals and release


Infrastructure configuration and management           


Applications performance monitoring & end–user experience

Why Sun Technologies to setup your DevOps pipeline?

  • Tried and tested DevOps practice with over 100+ successful implementations
  • Technical expertise in making your business stand out among the competitors
  • Minimized operating costs due to highly optimized processes and utilization of resources efficiently – Best in class Tools and Technology usage.
  • Reduced risk of security issues through automation and continuous monitoring
  • Guaranteed faster time-to-market and better ROI

Case studies

Case studies

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