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Premium WP migrations from WordPress to Drupal

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WordPress to Drupal Migration Services

We’ve successfully migrated 1000+ sites from WordPress to Drupal.

Delivering Organizational Level Drupal Migration Services

Shifting from one CMS to another is not a simplified process, mainly if your website is not a smaller one. Run a Trial from WordPress to Drupal Migration and ensure that your current website can gain more with Drupal CMS!

The perfect CMS for your brand will be the one that fits in your budget, has functionalities the way you need it for your customers’ technical abilities, and provides solutions that are as complex or simple as you require them to be. 

Drupal is the right choice. Any interested person can make changes to improve the CMS or set up complementary modules. There are 7000+ modules that you can make use for different purposes of your business. The eighth and latest version of Drupal is exceptionally robust, having massive resources for developers and plenty of boxed solutions.

Why Choose Drupal and Not WordPress?

WordPress to Drupal Migration Services We Offer

Improved SЕО – The system has been developed to take into account all the best and fresh SEO-tendencies. 

Website Speed – Drupal permits the user to develop a high-performing page with a high-speed index. Great small resource intensity is simple as you think to connect to the server and get maximum response speed instantly. The system does a better job with multi-page web forms and has extra extensions for processing improvement, such as website caching.

Website Security – Drupal wins the security battle. This is one of the primary reasons for the conversion from WordPress to Drupal. Drupal is the least vulnerable to criminal hacking.

Flexibility – Drupal employs modules and extensions for configuration processing, while WordPress uses themes and plugins. This allows for elegant detailing to make your website unique. Most packs must be installed and set up by the user, which is complicated with WordPress. An expert developer can achieve better results! In Drupal, there is an option to integrate such useful functions as Twitter, Shopify, Yoast, and others through numerous modules.

Language selection – Drupal’s system supports 1000+ languages. So even in base settings, Drupal is the best solution for multilingual pages.

Extension Control – Drupal’s expanded system of extensions manages and simplifies user administration that is more efficient than in WordPress. 

Migrating a WordPress based website to Drupal appears to be a significant challenge for many developers. But, Sun Technologies’ dedicated and experienced Drupal developers will make that easy.

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