How can IT outsourcing help your business during the crisis?

IT Outsourcing

How can IT Outsourcing help your Business during the Crisis?

COVID-19 has already impacted businesses on a global scale. We’re seeing industries across the board being forced to  implement new and sometimes unfamiliar working practices while  adjusting to new market protocols. Because of this,  companies are having to make the decision on how to best go about  optimizing their resources. With different financial capabilities, each company must decide for themselves how to proceed in the most cost-effective manner for their business needs.

One of the most significant challenge that businesses have had to face is the shift of employees from in-office to work-from-home mode. And while some enterprises, such as IT outsourcing company are well-equipped for such a transition, others have been left scrambling to find new approaches that accommodates this necessity while also remaining in a competitively advantageous position.  

COVID-19 has brought about a massive shift in both B2C and B2B relationships that is here to stay. With that being said, companies are starting to think outside the box and re-evaluate not only their short-term strategies, but their long term growth plans as a whole.  By understanding this new reality, finding an best IT Provider in USA you can trust has never been more imperative for companies looking to keep their competitive edge while still achieving their financial goals.

Outsourcing is a pragmatic business practice in which companies such as yours are able to increase your business bandwidth while still staying competitive in the marketplace. By allowing organizations the ability to outsource certain business operations, companies are able to relinquish some of the perpetual expenses of the business without sacrificing on quality. There are a plethora of ways in which this outsourcing can occur and be implemented within organizations such as: Production oversight, end-user facilitation, help desk coordination, and standard management.  One of the largest areas of outsourcing today remains with IT services, especially during the COVID-19 era.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Below are quite a few reasons why the outsourcing option could help your business today and be a solution for the long term.


Increased Scalability
  • During COVID-19, IT outsourcing vendors can help companies to augment their infrastructure and stand up to high-load  with virtually 0% risks and HR overhead expenses
  • Because of the unique position that offshore outsourcing vendors are in, they have the ability to effectively assist your organization in conjunction with your needs in real time
  • It has never been more clear that companies need an IT  partner that they can trust, with expertise in DevOps and Cloud to help them scale up/down their infrastructure, migrate their solutions to the cloud, and much more
  • One of the key benefits of outsourcing for companies is the cost factor
  • In the past, companies have found operational cost savings up to 30% by utilizing offshore outsourcing
  • However, this percentage is only a fraction of the savings that can be achieved in the coming months as the present COVID-19 situation drives companies to outsource more
Enhance Security/Minimize Risk
  • With COVID-19 has come the largest disruption to business operations that has been seen since the great depression era with hundreds of thousands of companies and workers moving to remote operations, your company has never been at more risk for a security breach
  • Phishing scams are on the rise and there is no company immune to the threat they bring.  While companies may think that outsourcing puts risk on their company, the reality of the situation tends to be the exact opposite
  • When you outsource, your security is invariably enhanced. Most outsourced IT providers maintain the most rigorous security compliance in the business due to the nature of their work, making sure there is access control, confidentiality, and redundant data backup

How to Manage an Outsourced Team?

Effective management is pivotal for the success of outsourced teams. There must be a clear and concise vision of what needs to be done in order to build a productive and durable relationship, including:  

  1. Set clear objectives for your IT support services.
  2. Describe the essential details of your product to the IT outsourcing company.
  3. Get in touch with the QA team.
  4. Frequently ask for progress updates.
  5. Check the reports.
  6. Make them understand if something is unclear.
  7. Set realistic deadlines and expectations.
  8. Always keep in mind that the independent vendor is a business, too, with the projects, processes, and workload.
  9. Deadlines can be negotiated.
  10. There is always a project manager who supervises big teams.
  11. If there are only a few QA engineers working on a project, a customer can decide whether to assign an in-house manager.
How to Manage an Outsourced Team?

How Sun Technologies help Leverage your Business during COVID-19?

  • Over 2 decades of experience across several verticals
  • Trusted in the Global Technology Market
  • Agile work approach that allows for flexibility and reliability
  •  Also, we comply with changes and aim to find the best solution to each problem
  • Sun Technologies‘ experts develop scalable and secure solutions and IT infrastructures in a large scale of industries, such as aerospace & defense, BFSI, healthcare, and others 
  • We have successfully delivered consulting and staffing services for many advanced Telecom and Non-Telecom IT initiatives

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Tahir Imran

Tahir Imran

With over 18+ years of experience in Software design and development, Tahir's expertise lies in designing and developing high-quality products and solutions spanning multiple domains. He is versatile and always eager to tackle new problems by constantly researching and deploying emerging techniques, technologies, and applications.

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Top Supplier for Fortune 500 Biopharmaceutical Company

Case Study

Top Supplier for Fortune 500 Biopharmaceutical Company

Whom we worked with

Our client is a large, Fortune 500 Biopharmaceutical company. They help over 30 million patients in over 175 countries each year, operating over 22 manufacturing and research facilities across the globe.  

How long we have been Staff Augmentation Supplier

2.5  years, since December 2017

Our Performance

  • Began program in vendor pool of over 70 suppliers in December 2017. Within 6 months of coming in to the program, Sun Technologies rose to be among the top Ten (10) suppliers among all categories.
  • After supporting our client for roughly six (6) months, they made the decision to triple their annual spend with our organization
  • Ranked #4 for IT and #5 for Light Industrial staffing for Q1 2020

How we are providing Staff Augmentation Services

  • Delivery Model with customized recruiting teams
  • Worked within Client’s chosen Vendor Management System (VMS) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) to deliver candidates
  • Executed a staffing plan utilizing a hybrid onsite/offshore method
  • Provided resources for IT, R&D, Administrative, Light Industrial, Manufacturing, and legal compliance categories
  • Mature ISO 9001 recruiting process

Sample contingent worker jobs filled

  • Staffing IT Positions such as: Business Consultant, Project Manager, Program Manager, Analysts, Developers, Engineers, Architects, etc.
  • Staffing Non-IT Positions such as: Packaging Operator, Fulfillment Technician, Materials Handler, Production Technician, Janitorial Worker, Environmental Cleaning Specialist, Logistics Technician, Desktop Technician, etc.

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