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IntelliSWAUT: All-in-One Scriptless Test Automation Solution

Scriptless Test Automation with IntelliSWAUT

July 22, 2021  | 12:00PM EST

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how IntelliSWAUT can help you:

  • Accelerate your Test Automation script development by 60%
  • Reduce your maintenance of script by 40%
  • Compress your test execution time by 50%

Quality defines the success of every business. Businesses prefer Selenium for the test automation of web-based applications because of its exceptional capabilities, easy integrations, and license-free features. Is that enough to ensure quality and achieve the expected results? What if you find a codeless tool that scales up your test automation? 

This webinar uncovers: 

  • Challenges faced with Selenium Test Automation
  • The future of scriptless test automation
  • The amazing features of IntelliSWAUT

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